Pier 1 Imports


Pier 1 Imports “Design Room” is a result of an intense 4 week user experience project that started from finding a business problem to developing possible prototypes for a decent concept.

In brief, Pier 1 Imports Design Room is an experience where young homebuyers would be informed about different design inspirations and assisted in finding their desired home furniture for their new house.


pier 1 imports is known as the nation’s largest retailer of imported furniture and home decor. The company focuses on building a strong personal relationship with their customers by constantly responding to their needs, both in-store and online. The brand has a promise on providing decorative inspirations and guidance that help customers create beautiful and personal spaces in their homes.


However, Pier 1 Imports profit margin has decreased by -1.92% and this decline has started from 2014. Also, looking at the competitors such as Williams Sonoma and Crate & Barrel that have 52% and 44% ecommerce revenue respectively, the 24% revenue coming from ecommerce for Pier 1 Imports is not as effective as it can be.


We found two insights from the CEO of Pier 1 Imports, Alasdair James, that helped us to understand what the company is trying to achieve.

“There is still much to be done to build the business to its full potential.”Alasdair James, CEO of Pier 1 Imports, 2017.

“We recognize that we need to deliver top-line growth, while developing tactics to mitigate pressure on gross profit from our growing online sales channel to ensure the company can thrive in any future retail environment.” (2017).


We further looked to see where there are opportunities for us to intervene with design and help Pier 1 Imports to increase their e-commerce. Moreover, we found more quotes from the CEO of Pier 1 Imports:

“The real opportunity for us is to speak to the customers that we aren’t speaking to currently and to actually take a smaller share of a new group of customers whilst continuing to talk to our core”(2017).

“The core Pier 1 Imports customer is 45 years to 60 years old. We believe there is an opportunity for the brand to appeal to millennial’s between 30 and 40 years of age”.

And we framed this problem by asking how can Pier 1 Imports meet the needs of a new generation of audience while increasing their online sales?

We further looked into different markets to see that which ones are more beneficial for Pier 1 Imports and whether or not Pier 1 Imports could offer services for them. We found that ” 34% of home buyers are 36 years and younger, and 66% of them are first-time home buyers, we found out that they spend more than $10,000 worth of furniture and appliances in the first year after buying a new home.” Therefore, we decided to bring in first-time homebuyers as a new audience for Pier 1 Imports.

Customer Journey Framework

We created a customer journey framework to understand the frictions of a first-time homebuyers, and we noticed that in the engage phase, there are some frictions that customers experience, which Pier 1 Imports could resolve with their expertise in customer service. Therefore, we created a page extension called “Design Room” that informs and assists first-time homebuyers to buy furniture.


UX design, concept development, video editing

I was mostly involved in the concept development of our project, user research, and video editing. Also, I was involved in the visual design of the interface of our digital product as well as the key interactions.