Floral Elegance

ROLES | Brand identity, communication strategy


Floral Elegance is an online floral company that arranges flowers and gift sets with a focus on beautifying the gift giving experience. I directly worked with the owner of the company to create their logo as well as their business card and crafted communication strategy for their instagram page


The owner of Floral Elegance was looking for a unique, asymmetrical, and floral looking logo for their company. One important component that they wanted to include in their logo was the initial of their company, which is “FE”. As their graphic designer, I started sketching different logos that included the company’s initial and after sharing and ideating for several times, we decided to just have the initials of the company and incorporate some flowers around the initial.

 I started sketching the chosen design in Adobe Illustrator. The owner of the company gave me examples of flowers that she liked to have on the logo. I traced some of the flowers logo and tried to place them around the initials in order to see which represented the company better.

After tracing and changing the flowers on Illustrator, we moved on choosing fonts. We decided to draw the initials rather than choosing an existing font so that we could make the logo asymmetrical. I quickly traced some of the suggestions that the owner had in mind. These were the chosen logos.

Through various refinements and iterations, this is how the final logo looks like.

After designing the logo, I started working on the business cards. I tried to incorporate some of the flowers, that I designed on the logo, on the back of the business card as well to make them consistent.



I suggested to include a quote on the business cards that represented the company’s mission. This would help spread the company’s love and care towards gift giving as well as creating memorable experiences. These are the final business cards for Floral Elegance.

With the logo and business cards done, we discussed the communication strategy for the company’s instagram page.

Results & takeaways

Overall, this was an amazing experience to be a part of a branding an online floral company and to be able to communicate different strategies for them. One of my takeaways from this experience was that the process of making a logo could take a long time because a logo defines a company’s identity and there are a lot aspects that needs to be considered in order to design the best logo for a company.