Marquesita Vibes

ROLES | Branding strategist, graphic designer


Marquesita Vibes is a new startup business that is bringing marquesita, a Mexican desert, to Vancouver. I directly worked with the founders in order to create the branding of this startup and curate communication strategies for events and festivals.


To start of the branding of this company, one of the founders send me several images in order to show me the look and the feel that they were looking for. She also told me that they would like to keep the name in the logo since it is new product that they are bringing to Vancouver. After a couple of meetings with them and a better understanding of what their vision was. I started sketching ideas using pen and paper.


I transferred some of the potential sketches on Illustrator and created some digital mock-ups of the logo. I wanted to create something that could both showcase the fun and contemporary approach of this approach as well as the traditional process of making marquesitas.


They really liked the illustration that I created in the middle of the logo, which is the traditional iron used to make the marquesitas. After discussing with the team and deciding on one of the mock-up, I continued on refining the logo and creating different versions of it. Here is the final logo.

Final logo


As I was working on finishing up the logo, I worked on designing a sticker that was going to be used as a promotional material at the festival days. I had more freedom for creativity. Therefore, I decided to create an illustration of a maquesita. The reason behind this was that people could get familiar what a marquesita is and also it would make people curious to know what it is. Again for this I created a few mockups using illustrator and further discussed them with the team.

Sticker ideation

Final sticker

Other Marketing Materials

The other materials that I created for them were a banner, T-shirts, and food menus. In order to design these materials, I needed to plan a photoshoot and get some pictures. Therefore, I planned a photoshoot and shot some potential photographs using a DSLR camera. After going through the photographs I edited the chosen photos using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. I mostly edited the colors and textures in order to enhance the depth of the photos. I used these photos for both the banner and the T-shirt designs to create visual representation of a marquesita. Another reason behind this was that since Marquesita Vibes was going to be mostly at fairs, festivals, and events, I wanted to attract people by high quality, aesthetically pleasing photos.

Menu - front

Menu - back

Tshirt 1

Tshirt 2



 We managed to get everything done before the first festival that they were going to attend, which was Carnival Del sol. One of my main takeaways from this project was that taking photographs of food products and editing them requires a lot of time and it could very challenging. There are a lot of tricks that one can use in order to make their product look good such as using wax or deodorant in order to make food shiny. So whenever I see food advertisement, I appreciate the amount of time that they have put into creating those photos.