ROLES | Video editing, sound design

TEAM | Breanne Louis, Minh Bui, Jordon Fernandez


“On Your Own” is a short inspirational documentary about Maddie, known as Maddi Mcfly Cosplay online, who dreams of turning her hobby into a career in special effects makeup. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, she had to move out at the age of 20, and was unable to afford or have time for school among her many new responsibilities. She details the events of the past year, which prevented her from getting there by traditional means, and how she plans to continue moving forward.

This was a University project done in a group of 4 within a timeframe of 6 weeks.


At the start of this project, we brainstormed for potential plotlines that our short film could follow. After some time, we realized that we want to change direction towards creating a documentary. We wanted to create a professional and highly polished short film and this was challenging with a story line in the short time period that we had. This allowed us to focus on developing our skills in a way that could be applied to our professional pursuits.

After we had finalized our project plan, we approached the storyboarding process. However, we ran into some difficulties with this since we couldn’t predict what the interviewee would say and how that would drive the direction of our film. Therefore, we started planning the interview questions.

Interview questions

Once this was done, we started to shoot the interview. Since I was involved in the sound design, I recorded the voice of the interviewee with lapel microphones as well as a shotgun microphone using a boom held by my teammate. Since we could only record the interview scene once, we wanted to prevent the possibility of missing any sound.

After filming and recording the interview scene, we edited the sound and chose sections that we wanted to use in our final film. Then, we collected additional footage that could enhance the story being told by the documentary.

The last step included video and final sound editing. We used Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere to edit the video footage. I used Adobe Audition and Audacity to edit the final sound. Lastly, I added in the music track to wrap up the project.


This project was nominated and presented at the FCAT undergraduate conference 2017. My main take away from this project was that recording and shooting interview scenes needs a lot of attention. It is difficult to redo an interview scene, so it has to be perfect the first time. One improvement that I would have liked to make if we had more time is to retake the interview scene at a straight angle. Overall, this project was successful and a great learning experience.