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PAUL Bakery, Café & Restaurant is a 130 years French cafe known for offering its customers the “art of living French-style” via its signature menu of bread, pastries, macarons, sandwiches, and more. Opening their first branch ever in Vancouver, Canada, I worked closely with the managers and the marketing team in France to create and develop their print materials, website, and Swag merchandise.


Print Menus

The first task that I was responsible for was developing all print menus (Breakfast/Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Happy Hour) based on PAUL branding guidelines. After studying some sample menus, I started developing the first menu using Adobe InDesign. At the end of each draft, I had to send the menu to the marketing team in France, get their feedback, and adjust the menu accordingly. When the first menu was developed, I started working on the other menus.

One of the major challenges I had was checking the spelling of all menu items which were in both French and English. Another challenge was finding images for specific menu items. Since the restaurant wasn’t opened yet, we couldn’t arrange a photoshoot in order to get the desired pictures. This resulted in changing the layout of some of the menu pages.


TV Menus

Creating TV menus was another task of mine. We had to showcase the combos that were available throughout the day on 4 different TVs that were placed on above the bar. These menus included breakfast, lunch, dinner combos and cafe drinks.

TV menu - drinks

TV menu - combos

TV menu - breakfast combo

TV menu - dinner combo

Business cards & price tags

Another task was developing business cards and price tags for ever item in store. This task required precise attention to detail as every menu item had specific IPU number, description, price, temperature, and shelf life.

Business card - front

Business card - back

Price tag - front

price tag- back


For the opening day, PAUL bakery was planning on giving PAUL swag to the customers. For this reason, I was responsible with creating designs for a variety of products which included: masks, tote bags, notebooks, and umbrellas. For these designs, they wanted to emphasize on the French aspect of the coffee shop. Therefore, I tried to have some French signifiers such as the Eiffel Tower, croissant and ferris wheel in my designs.

PAUL notebook designs

PAUL tote bag designs


At first, I had to create a one page website that highlighted the history of PAUL Bakery as well as the contact information and newsletter signup. The animations applied to the history section creates liveliness throughout the page. Due to COVID and faster accessibility, they wanted to add the menu on the website as well. Therefore, I created a separate page for the menu.

Take a look the finalized website here :

PAUL website - home page

PAUL website - menu page

PAUL website - home page (mobile)

PAUL website - menu page (mobile)

Results & takeaways

PAUL Bakery, Café & Restaurant officially opened in May 2021. Working with such a big restaurant requires a lot of attention to detail, management, and creativity. There would be times where a sudden and immediate change was requested on the website to better the customer experience and it had to be done right away. Having to communicate internationally with the marketing team also brought some challenges to the table. Everything had to be sent to team in France in order to be approved and this created time constraints for our project.