Soul's Juice

ROLES | Founder, designer, illustrator


Soul’s Juice is a passion project of mine where I create customized illustrations for individuals to showcase a bit of their character. Customers have the option to purchase the artwork or have it printed on a piece of clothing of their choice and make it into a cool conversation piece.


I am passionate about bringing joy to people’s lives and helping them recognize their Soul’s Juice. The brand is a metaphor for the small pleasures in one’s daily life and how small things help them get through the day. For example, petting their loving dog, going for a run on their favorite trail, or getting coffee from their favorite coffee shop. Soul’s Juice celebrates people’s character and visual features in a playful manner.


I start by collecting a couple of images of my customer as well as their soul’s juice that they would like me to include in the illustration. Then, I try to project that into an illustration using Procreate and manipulate details in order to get the unique graphic that I envisioned.

The next steps consist of printing them on a piece of clothing and getting it shipped to the customer.

I’m currently working on creating an Etsy store, where I can offer this to a wider market.

Here are some samples of what I have created so far.