“Meet The Merchants” Videos

Role: Communications and Videography

Type of Project: Co-op project at The Heights Merchant Association

Overview: Another major project that I was involved in at the time I worked at The Height Merchant Association was “Creating Meet Our Merchants” videos. The purpose of this project was to introduce the merchants to the Heights audience, welcome them to explore the Heights and make this neighborhood their own. I worked on this project with another coworker, whom was involved with scheduling the interviews with the merchants and writing the blog for the videos. I was responsible for getting video footage (interview shot and B-roll) and editing the video.

Process: The first step that we did for all of these videos was that we would research about the merchants in order to understand their culture, mission, and business. After doing so, we would write down 5-10 customized interview questions that would targeted towards them. After setting up a date with the merchants, it was time to conduct the interview and get some content and video footage.

At the interview, my coworker and I would take turn in order to either be asking the questions or controlling the camera for the interview shot. After the interview questions, I would try to get some B-roll footage in order to create the video.

During production, I used Premier Pro to edit the videos. I would try to use the appropriate B-roll to match with what the interviewee was saying and to create some engagement in the video. After finishing the video, my coworker would upload the video with the corresponding blog on The Heights Merchant Association website.

Here are videos:

L’Atelier Sandie Bell

Plush Flroal Studio

Cedar Chiropractic & Physiotherapy

Results and Takeaways: We managed to create 3 “Meet Our Merchants” pages during 3 months. One of my main takeaways from this project was that interviewing business owners could be very challenging. Everyone has a different working style and it is very important to understand that and try to work around it when it comes down to creating materials in order to showcase them to an audience. This taught me a lot and I am very sure that I would be using this lesson whenever I would be working with different clients.